Google Editions: Google’s Foray Into Publishing

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Google is planning to launch its own digital book store by early summer. It’s called Google Editions. In addition to the standard fare, Google plans to allow independent book vendors to sell from their own websites.

Google’s goal is to distinguish itself from other[s] . . . “by allowing users to access books from a broad range of websites using a broad array of devices”. This contrasts with Apple’s iBooks, which are only available through the iPad and the iPhone. Amazon’s Kindle is more flexible than that (it offers desktop software, and has built applications for both the iPhone and iPad in addition to its own hardware Kindle device). But it sounds like Google’s solution will out-open both of these, allowing consumers to access their content from an array of devices that presumably won’t need dedicated native applications.

Aaron J. Hill
Executive Director
Center for the Study of Family History


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