Today’s ‘Family History’ News

I am now using a new feature at It’s called Google Alerts (or sometimes Google Alert) and is in beta mode at the moment, although it seems to work just fine.

The feature allows a user to have the Google computers send an email message when finding a news story or blog post with a particular word or phrase. I have signed up for “family history” and “genetic genealogy” among topics of interest. I am sure the list will be expanding as I become more familiar with the tool. Now here are some of the stories that the Google Alert system sent along.

This family in California is, like me, checking out and reading a lot of books. I am not sure where I stand in numbers, but it has certainly increased with my latest attempt at writing a book about World War I.

Morning Edition on National Public Radio has an interview with a neuroscientist “uncovering a dark secret.” Someone at Discover magazine has been blogging about it.

There’s a sad and pathetic story out of Austin, Texas about someone vandalizing a cemetery. Why anyone does this is way beyond my understanding.

Jane Kirkham “wasn’t just shaken up because of her destroyed family’s headstones. She was also upset because there is so much history at the cemetery.”

I tell you, I’m sick to my stomach because this is never going to be made right. When these stones are repaired, they will never be the same.”

A feature in a Utah newspaper documents how “old photo albums may contain priceless treasures.”

Ozarks Public Radio has a story on documenting “your family’s medical history.” The Surgeon General has a website, My Family Health Portrait, to do just that. Its part of the Surgeon General’s Family Health History Initiative and was originally developed by the Office of the Surgeon General and the National Human Genome Research Institute.

A senior editor of The Atlantic has finished reading Grant’s memoirs and has written a bit about it on his blog. He posts the third to the last paragraph by Grant:

I feel that we are on the eve of a new era, when there is to be great harmony between the Federal and Confederate. I cannot stay to be a living witness to the correctness of this prophecy; but I feel it within me that it is to be so. The universally kind feeling expressed for me at a time when it was supposed that each day would prove my last, seemed to me the beginning of the answer to “Let us have peace.”



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